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Thursday, 15 August 2013 23:01

Art by Michael Fredman

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Art by Michael Fredman Paintings in oil and acrylic by Michael Fredman

I'm creative, in that I create things. An artist, in that they are rendered in ink, paint, pixels and more.

Drawings, sketches, paintings, print and other multimedia artworks, completed and in progress, at (new window)


You can buy prints of my art at Saatchi online.


My cartoons at (opens in a new window) 

Multimedia work by artist Michael Fredman


I paint art works in several styles, including impressionism, figurative and surreal:

a painting I'm working on 

a painting I recently completed

buy prints at saatchionline

See more paintings

 sketches, prints, drawings, by Mike Fredman, artist and designer

See more Art and design

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