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Sunday, 21 June 2009 10:38

Bird heart

This is a song I wrote late last year, it is just an experimental version and I have actually changed it a lot since - there is a different structure and verse melody.

I had fun playing with feedback loops, but it's not quite how I would want it to sound.trees100

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© Michael Fredman 2009
Oh, I knew it was love
Because my heart was a bird
caged in my chest
like a sound
in a word
You lay down your head
and you said could be heard
the tremulous song
of my heart as a bird
You said set it free
I'm a coward I suppose
I gave you a poem
and I grew you a rose
But the too solid earth
where the bramble grows
swallowed me up
That's what I chose...
I knew it was love
but I still never spoke
til your heart was a silence
and that silence got broke
Love tried to sing
but love came to choke
and we buried that love
in a coffin of oak
Love was a word
down too deep to be spoke
we buried that love
in a coffin of oak
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