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Monday, 27 July 2009 11:14

Gorillas in the midst

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In 1994 I was fortunate enough to see, in the mountains of Rwanda and Uganda, a family of silverback Gorillas, before they were fully acclimatised to human contact.  I would like to avoid anthropomorphism, or unwarranted sentiment, but it was a very touching experience, my impression was that they were strikingly peaceful, beautiful creatures. I found their simplicity in direct contrast to us, their complex neighbours. Human beings had recently perpetrated a horrific genocide amongst themselves in Rwanda, and we, humans, have brought that genocide to the Gorillas too.

What can you do?

The New Scientist has some sound advice

Tuesday, 26 May 2009 09:59

Junk jiving

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red warning sign Want to do your bit for the planet, and stop being irritated into the bargain? Then register for the Mailing Preference Service and stop junk mail.  You can also put a 'No junk mail' sticker on your mail box or lettebox.

There is also a Telephone Preference Service that can stop you rushing out of the bath to receive a call from a broken voiced teenager trying to sell you double glazing.

Sunday, 31 May 2009 08:22

Without the hot air

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If you get annoyed by vague 'area the size of Wales' statistics then 'Without hot air' is well worth a read.  Professor David Mackay has done the calculations and provides detailed models for how Britain could become sustainable in terms of energy production and consumption.  A sunlit forest

There is lots of useful information in the book, all of it with a practical and pragmatic perspective.

Don't kid yourself that you can stop at switching your phone charger off and think you are doing your bit for the environment, for instance:

"All the energy saved in switching off your charger for one day
is used up in one second of car-driving.

The energy saved in switching off the charger for one year is
equal to the energy in a single hot bath."

Read it online here

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